Road Legal Ebikes UK

If you require an electric bike that meets the current UK Laws then we will build it for you.

This would currently entail:

  • The maximum permissible power output is 250w.
  • The bike must have pedals.
  • The bike itself must display either the power output of the motor, plus the battery's voltage, or the maximum speed of the bike.
  • Throttles are only allowed for start-up assistance up to 6km/h or 3.7mph.
  • Newly built or converted road legal bikes cannot have a full power range throttle or twist acceleration. 

Throttles that go up to 15mph are ONLY allowed and legal on electric bikes purchased before January 1, 2016, ie Bultaco Brincos. 

Additional Legal information worth noting...

  • Private Land Is Not The Same As 'Off-Road' which can often be Public Access Land.
  • Public Access Land means the same Road Legal Requirements.
  • The minimum age for using an electric bike is 14 years of age.

Wylde Rides Build To Your Specifications

If you require a non-road legal e-bike then we will happily build it for you with the strict understanding that you are fully responsible for your own riding actions and that we are not in any way responsible for the subsequent use of the vehicle.

In the same way, a garage will repair or enhance a car, or a manufacturer will build and sell vehicles capable of breaking UK road laws it is understood that the responsibility for the use of said vehicle lies with the owner. The same applies to all builds, conversions, enhancements, or repairs undertaken by Wylde Rides.

We can, for example, fit a 1000w hub motor, with a 250w limiting plug on the controller. We do not consider this in itself sufficient to Qualify As Road Legal, as in the eyes of the law, the bike can easily be unrestricted in a matter of seconds. 

If you do want to use a high-performance electric bike on the road, you will need to get your bike type approved by the DVLA, it will be subject to the same rules as a moped. It will need to be registered, have a number plate, be MOT’d, taxed, and insured. You would also be required to wear a proper motorcycle helmet and you would not be able to use cycle paths.

If you require A High Powered DVLA Approved Road Bike we can help you attain the Build Specs required but ascertaining the full certification will be your responsibility.

We are not responsible for your understanding or interpretation of the law, what you do with your ebike or where you choose to ride it.

UK Electric Bike Laws

UK Electric Bike Laws (as of December 2018)

In April 2015 the UK Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycles (EAPC) legislation was brought into line with the EU law EN15194, which means that it could possibly change after Brexit. But for now, it’s pretty clear in defining what can, and what cannot be called an electric bike.

The minimum age for using an electric bike is 14 years of age. The maximum permissible power output is 250w. The bike must have pedals and throttles are only allowed for start-up assistance up to 6km/h or 3.7mph (throttles that go up to 15mph are allowed on electric bikes purchased before January 1 2016) The electric pedal assist must cut-off at 15.5mph (25km/h).

Before you buy a conversion kit, you need to think about the law and how it could potentially effect you. 

The law is very clear on the above, and while the police do not have the resources or necessarily the inclination to stop and test every electric bike they see. If you do find yourself on the wrong side of the law, while riding an illegal electric bike, consider the following sobering facts: 

  • Any illegal electric bike would come under the umbrella of the Road Traffic Act.
  • Your bike would be confiscated
  • It is likely that you would be prosecuted and fined for no insurance, tax, MOT, and using an unregistered vehicle. If you have a driving license there is a good chance you may either lose it or end up with a lot of points.
  • If you are disqualified from driving you could be charged with driving while disqualified and receive an extension to your ban or a custodial sentence.
  • If you were riding home from the pub after a few drinks you would be charged with drink driving, even worse, if you were to fatally injure someone then you could potentially be facing up to 14 years in prison.

You can find out more about UK electric bike laws here.

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