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Battery Re-builds

 The best decision that you can make when you have a failing battery is almost always to have your whole battery re-built by a professional. This choice will give you a high-quality battery that will more than likely be better than it was when it was new. A re-build guarantees that only the best quality cells and BMS boards are used rather than the generic, lottery-like Chinese cells or ‘seconds’ often found in e-bike batteries used by many manufacturers.

When your battery is re-built with all new cells it will be the equivalent or better than when new but in the original battery case. This ensures it will fit properly on your electric bike.

When Re-building your battery we can also further tailor it to your needs. By choosing the appropriate cells we can tune for different performance properties such as increased power output or more range or often just to get the best result from the rest of your existing components, all depending on your requirements.

Custom Built Batteries

We can also go a step further and build a completely new, often a larger, purpose-built battery to fit your frame. With new dimensions and properties, we can significantly increase the range of your bike and in some cases improve power output depending on the existing setup.

We are extremely confident in the quality of our rebuilt batteries. 

All our fully re-celled batteries come with a full year no quibble warranty for your peace of mind.


In Most Cases, We Don't Recommend Partial Battery Repairs...

It is possible to replace only the depleted cells in your original case with high-quality branded and reputable cells or which may well give your battery the initial appearance of a new lease of life... 


Most of the time having a battery partially repaired is a false economy, leading to the same problems and eventual failure in just a fraction of the time that a fully restored battery would. Usually, the presence of a few failed battery cells is just another sign that more are on their way out too. The original weak and inferior cells will weaken, damage, and drain the quality replacement cells as if they too were cheap cells. Cheap cells are all too commonly found in standard of the shelf batteries as many manufacturers will use cheap, low, and inconsistent quality cells in their products. In addition, when replacing cells it's imperative to match more than just the basic size of the cell, but all the technical properties of the original cells as well. So if your original cells are of a mixed standard you are already fighting an uphill battle to not only match the original properties, but also the subsequent level of degradation.

The bottom line is that batteries are complex and expensive to build properly.

Often an off-the-shelf battery, even of low quality is a better bet than attempting to fix a failing battery, although a thorough re-build will give a significantly better result any day of the week.


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