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Wylde Rides:

Industrial electrical technician turned e-bike technician.

Mechanics and electrics are practically in my DNA, my Grandad and my Grandma were both electricians and my Grandma worked on tank electrics in ww2.

When I left school I was lucky to get an apprenticeship with an industrial electrical company and spent the next 25 years working on all kinds of cool things.

I have worked on industrial control systems for all kinds of applications from shit farms to particle accelerators, all sorts of manufacturing industries including aviation as well as some things I can't talk about :P

During the 2020 pandemic, I was furloughed and at home, and bored... 
Now, I have always been a keen biker, mostly BMXs, dirt jumping, and downhill mountain biking...
So it was kinda inevitable, especially with the current craze for electric bikes, my electrical knowledge, and a lifelong passion for all things two-wheeled and pedal powered that I would want to play as well...

Off-the-shelf options were either way beyond a reasonable budget or overpriced entry-level tat so naturally, I'm gonna build my own...

I did my research, hours of youtube videos, endlessly trawled bike, electrical and custom conversion forums, discord groups, and generally sucking up any and all available info I could find to extend my Ebike knowledge.

During this period of exploration, it was natural for others to notice this rare diamond in the rough and the opportunity to take advantage of its potential which led to an irrevocable change in my life...

The details are sparse, largely due to the mind's ability to block out trauma but what I do know is that
it was at a crossroads late at night when I met with the devil himself, and he was riding a Bultaco Brinco.

All I can recall from that night was a spit shake, a frantic race, and the Devil's maniacal laughing as the wind roared past my head.

Almost a year passed working alongside the Devil but eventually, I saw the light and managed to pull the plug (electricity metaphor there).

It had been a dark time but I now had the knowledge, experience, means, and desire to produce the bestest, 2 wheeled, electrified velocipedes this side of the underworld and this mythical knowledge was not to be wasted on the nuclear industry, the aviation industry or even on shit farms.


Wylde Rides was born...

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Wylde Rides

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Wylde Rides.

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